Pulseable Signal

We started Pulseable to help great products get discovered and to foster a place where people could have honest and fun conversations about products. Your Signal is primarily based on the quality of your activity towards achieving this goal.

How do I earn Signal?

The primary way Signal is gained is by posting products and participating in product discussions. Other users can upvote the products you post and the comments you make, causing you to gain Signal.

What does it do?

Signal is an indication of how much the Pulseable community values your contribuions. In addition, as you gain Signal you unlock higher levels and perks.

Ways you can earn Signal

Invite people to Pulseable

When someone you invite signs up, you gain 20 Signal

Post products people love

When someone loves a product you posted, you gain 10 Signal

Write comments people appreciate

When someone likes a comment you posted, you gain 5 Signal

Build your following

When someone follows you, you gain 2 Signal

Perks and Unlockables

As you earn Signal, you unlock exclusive badges and perks. At 2000 Signal, you unlock the Explorer badge, which appears next to your name and helps you stand out to brands and other Pulsers in the community. In addition, you unlock access to exclusive and pre-release features.

2000 Signal

The Explorer

You unlock

  • The
    badge, a special badge of recognition

  • The ability to join our affiliate program (Minted Products) learn more

  • Access to exclusive and pre-release features